Motoring Classics is a quarterly publication published by British Motor Heritage Ltd, and its retail arm www.motoringclassics.co.uk.

It is available free in both printed and digital format. The printed version is distributed with the subscriber copies of the leading UK classic car magazines and is also available by direct subscription.

The digital version includes digital only content such as short on-board race videos, and videos that add content to the feature articles. This is free to download by subscription.

The articles vary quarterly and are mainly, but not exclusively, classic motoring related.

Regular features include:

  • Dealer Spotlight – featuring a British Motor Heritage Approved Specialist, acknowledged experts of the marque they represent.
  • Missing Moniker – revealing the story of famous but defunct names from motoring history.
  • Classic Character – the life story of people who have made a significant contribution to our motoring past.
  • British Motor Heritage News - which covers developments and new products from our company and website, as well as a word from Managing Director, John Yea.

The summer 2017 edition looks at the evolution of the English black cab - from electric to diesel powered and back again, and a Motoring Classics Motorsport feature proposing a three-hour classic relay race.

This is a free quality publication, so register now for either the digital or printed version.

The digital library includes a complete back catalogue which is a useful reference store.