60 Years of Mini History (Part 1)

By Kurt Buttress - May 28, 2019

The legendary Mini is celebrating a 60 year anniversary with a special edition released to commemorate the birthday of the iconic British classic car - the Mini 60. To celebrate, we'll be featuring the Mini in all it's splendour all summer long. Here's a look back at the illustrious history of Britain's most beloved motoring export. 

A Classic for all Seasons – 60 years of Mini


With manufacture currently overseen by the BMW group, it would seem that the future of the Mini is in safe hands. By capturing the hearts of motorists around the world throughout the ages, the larger than life Mini has, to this day, continued to dominate the small car category.

Born to the world on August 26, 1959 by the British Motor Corporation (BMC), the unveiling of the first edition of the Mini saw it quickly achieve iconic status, garnering worldwide attention and becoming a jewel in the crown of British automotive pride.

Sleek, ergonomic design, coupled with fuel economy and a smooth, enjoyable ride, made the Mini the first-choice holiday, student, retirement and even rally car, for drivers of all ages.

Films like the 1969 The Italian Job, starring Michael Caine, served to further entrench the idea of the Mini as a versatile, sexy sports car and capture the imagination of British and global audiences alike.

Exclusively manufactured at the UK’s Mini plant in Oxford, the new 60th anniversary edition propels the vintage classic yet again into stardom. Its distinct design and features, while remaining true to its roots, ensure that new life is once again breathed into the stylish, sporty hatchback. 

From the Mark I Mini, Morris Mini, Mini Cooper, Austin Mini and Mini Clubman, to the Mini Cooper S; let’s take a scroll through the annals of British motoring history and the evolution of the Mini.

The Mini – then and now

The latest iteration of Mini greatness, the Mini 60 (pictured in the final slide above), is inspired by the history and “athletic” prowess of the very first classic rally Mini. The design is very clearly an homage to the sporty John Cooper / Alec Issigonis redesign of the classic Mini, which claimed three victories at the Monte Carlo Rally in the 1960’s. 

The Engine Porn YouTube channel perfectly sums up the history of the Mini in a succinct episode on the-life-and-times of the Morris Mini. Watch that little time capsule below: 

Motoring Classics: Bringing classics to life

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