The Best UK Classic Car Forums to Join

By Motoring Classics - January 16, 2018

While there are thousands of classic car forums, and millions of car forums that house the category "classic cars", there are a select few UK forums that are worth their salt in both knowledge and usefulness.

It's a painstaking task to compile a list of the best classic car forums. But we’re fueled with sheer determination to prevent our Motoring Classics friends from having to sift through the rubbish you can find online. Some forums offer up thin, weak content that’s a complete waste of time, while others are downright weird or obscure and don’t relate to motoring at all.

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You can find yourself wading through portals trying to push their spare parts or second-hand sales onto visitors, or automotive retailers masking as knowledgeable suppliers. In the end, the reply/solutions are always the same, "Try [X, Y, Z] dealers for the best fitment of [X, Y, Z] for your classic car".

Heck, most forums classify 1990 Toyota Corollas as "classic" – this is unfortunately the bleak reality for most car aficionados who are simply trying to gain some valuable knowledge on their classic car or connect with a group of likeminded hobbyists.

To save you the pain of experiencing some of the more obscure, non-curated sites, clubs and forums, we thought we'd compile a list of some of the best UK classic car forums. These are not only regulated daily, but are supported by passionate classic car enthusiasts who make valuable contributions.

And so, in no particular order, here's our list of the most reliable classic car forums in the UK.

Classic Car Forums UK:

Stag Owners Club

stag owners club.pngThe Stag Owners Club, or SOC, is dedicated to all things Triumph Stag related. The forum covers overhauling, restoration, conversion or modification of Stags.

Toyota Enthusiasts Club

The Toyota Enthusiasts Club (TEC) forum covers various technical help related queries and features events and autojumbles.

The Triumph Sports Six Club

This club and forum cover all things Triumph for all models from the TR1-3A to the Bond. Their forum has a strict sign-up policy implemented right from the get-go; even their website wants you to register/sign in to "get the full benefit of the website".


miniworld forum.jpgMiniWorld is a successful and renown physical and online magazine. Their forums are comprehensive; you select the appropriate forum to join based on which part of the country you're from. Access your area and choose your closest region for a local forum that’s packed with relevant information.


Historic Lotus Club

Membership to the Historic Lotus Club is open for all enthusiasts and owners of classic Lotus cars. Signing up allows access to competitive events, track days, shows, socials, workshops, a club magazine and, of course, their informative specialist forums.

Lotus Seven Club

The Lotus Seven forum is also focused on classic Lotus cars, like the forum above, but doesn't focus as much on membership as it does on sharing what's new in the world of Lotus collectors, tech talk and all-around chit-chat. Their forum is split into BlatChat, TrackChat, Market Place, Helping Others, Testing and BackChat. The neat order helps visitors find exactly what they're looking for and each category enjoys healthy participation from members.

The MG Car Club

mg car club forum.jpgThe MG Car Club professes to be the be-all-and-end-all of clubs for MG car owners and collectors. They require registration for membership with perks including access to forums, overhauls and discounts on motoring event tickets.

The MG Owner's Club

Another well-known and reliable MG motoring club, the MG Owners' Club boasts of being the world's largest single marque car club. Users are also required to sign up to access things like forums, electronic magazines, event images, supplier recommendation, and more.

Midget and Sprite Club

The Midget and Sprite Club has been around since 1983, requires membership and promises access to news, forums, club activities and monthly magazines.

Morgan Sports Car Club

The Morgan Sports Car Club (MSCC) is dedicated to fans and owners of Morgan cars and boasts as many as 5, 000 members worldwide. The club also hosts an annual event, the MOG (Morgan Owners Gathering). Signing up gives you access to their very comprehensive forum which covers everything from events, sales, remodelling and more.

Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain

mustang of great britain.jpgThe Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain or MCOGB is a well-established forum made up of Mustang enthusiasts and collectors from around the UK. They insist all posts and queries be strictly Mustang specific, and because they're a very niche forum, enjoy healthy responses especially along threads that involve importing and exporting, shows and sales.

The Piper Sports & Racing Car Club

From a niche import American car to an extremely niche classic "sports car". There are a handful of Piper owners around the UK, making The Piper Sports & Racing Club one of the most specialised and go-to clubs in the country. Not to mention their especially helpful forum on all things Piper motor car orientated.

Austin A30 & A35 Owner's Club

Austin A30 & A35 Owners Club .jpgThe Austin A30 & A35 Owner's Club is an extremely popular and successful forum for owners and enthusiasts of the Austin and baby Austin. Restoration, maintenance and events are all up for discussion in the highly populated threads.


Bristol Owners' Club

Like so many other clubs, the Bristol Owners’ Club (BOC) requires you to become a member to gain access to benefits such as their forum or weekend trips and events. The BOC is a social club focused on fans of golden-era, classic Bristol cars. The popular racing Bristols of the 1950s ensured the popularity of the vehicle through to today where fans are still discussing and seeking swops on forums like these.

Corvette Club UK

Another American collector's forum, the Corvette Club UK focuses on collectors of all things Corvette within the country. Forums are well-supported, and threads veer off into all topics from events, racing and suppliers to humour and pleasant off-topic banter.

UK Cobra Club

The UK Cobra Club specialises not only in the sharing of knowledge of US Cobra Cars, but the forum covers topics ranging from DIY fixes and maintenance, galleries, tech tips and various UK regional forum categories.

Fiat 500 Club

fiat 500 club 2.jpgIf we're featuring American muscle car forums in the UK, then we can’t ignore the Italian classics. The Fiat 500 Club allows registered members to partake in their forums and sends you a monthly magazine. A full list of calendar events is made available for owners to bring along their Fiat 500's for road trips, and for fans to enjoy watching all the action.

Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club

From the E-Type Series, XJ Series or Mark X, to classic MK2's, the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club has a forum that covers all models of Jag types in the UK. Featured in the forums are bodywork and modifications, servicing, sales, parts and spare swops. The Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club seems to have active threads on any and all Jag talk.

Old Classic Car

The Old Classic Car forum is the epitome of classic and is as British as they come, with sales, swops and a vast gallery of all makes of heritage vehicles. The "Your Memories" sections of the forum are especially great with members posting their treasure trove of historical pictures capturing vintage vehicles dating back to 1920’s, pre-war UK.

British Car Forum

A very well supported forum, the British Car Forum or BCF's very active threads are predominantly concerned with swops and sales under the BCF Trading Post category. There are, of course, events and general discussion sections included.

Join our Growing Community:

These are just a handful of our picks of some of the best forums around the UK. Some are specific to vehicle brands and accessories while others facilitate discussions based on all kinds of classic car queries.

Find one that works for you and get in touch with other classic motoring enthusiasts in your area. It's important to remember that a forum is a public arena, so we have to include a disclaimer that there may be one or two users who get riled up and might use foul language or cause a ruckus. It's to be expected with forums sometimes.

That's in part why we recommend these particular forums listed above, their admins are quite strict on who they allow in their club, and what they allow on their site. When there is any misconduct, guilty parties are swiftly dealt with and booted out or banned.

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