British Motor Heritage features in Parliamentary Review 2018

By Bojan Lipovic - October 22, 2018

British Motor Heritage (BMH) has been featured in the automotive subsection of The Parliamentary Review 2018. BMH has been included, alongside other prominent automotive industry businesses, to talk about our innovative approach to recruitment and staff development.

The Review covers a variety of subsectors and includes submissions from companies across the country, with special emphasis on recruitment and job creation, in light of the impending effect that Brexit might have on the UK jobs market.

The Parliamentary Review showcases best business practice across the UK

Manufacturing excellence has always been a focus of British industry, and recent progress further demonstrates our collective commitment to this goal. Our article in the Review outlines that while the products we make are firmly rooted in the past, our systems, processes, and management objectives are right up to date.

John Yea, Managing Director at British Motor Heritage, said: 

“We are really excited to be part of this year’s Parliamentary Review. As a company, we have been around for close to half a century, providing our customers with highest quality components for classic British cars. Being recognised in the Review is a great honour, but also a notable responsibility for our business to continue providing the end user with parts that are both of exceptional quality and resemblance to original parts.”

Besides BMH’s in-depth three-page spread, some other featured businesses of this year’s Review include: Radical Sportscars, Acklams Coaches, Bestplate, ZF Services and Spidersnet UK.

British Motor Heritage recruitment practices and overall challenges

BMH has followed a three-pronged recruitment approach. The most successful recruitment path had been external recruitment of individuals with some work experience. We looked at demonstrable work history as a measure of work ethic. Our new employees sourced from this path are adding further value to our business by proactively passing their knowledge onto others.

In-house apprenticeships have also yielded a promising full-time employee. Less successful was the college-nominated apprenticeship approach. Unfortunately, the candidate put forward lacked the necessary real-world skills to work successfully without third-party support.

This process has highlighted a broader need for businesses relying on skilled manual workers to fill a gap between academic college studies and industry requirements.

Looking ahead - what might The Parliamentary Review for 2019 hold?

Long-term, The Parliamentary Review shows that the British automotive manufacturing is still exceptional. The classic car market is thriving with innovation in the sector too riding high.

Electric versions of classic cars, using genuine body shells, are in development, such as the electric MG announced recently. Many classic car drivers are using recent advances to keep their genuine classics on the road, but with improved safety based on modern cooling and braking technology.

British Motor Heritage is proud to stand at the centre of this classic car revolution, with our own innovative range of products available via Motoring Classics. 

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