MGB Roadster makes a sterling appearance at Goodwood Revival 2018

By Bojan Lipovic - October 26, 2018

The annual Goodwood Revival event is a delight for anyone who can’t resist the roar of a classic petrol engine.

This year, at the 20th annual event, British Motor Heritage were proud to present our own restored MGB Roadster.

MGB Roadster – a delight for the senses


With its heyday back in the 1960’s, finding a well-preserved MGB Roadster can often pose a challenge. While a quick online search will usually bring up several for sale, they are rarely in pristine condition.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the MGB in 2012, we commissioned the complete specialist rebuild of a 1967 model. We wanted to demonstrate how to preserve all the design credentials whilst featuring the best of 21st century motoring.

Finished in Old English White and using one of our original Heritage body shells, some of the additional features include:

  • 1950cc ‘B’ series engine built by The Pitstop, Brize Norton
  • Alpha fuel injection
  • Zircotec coated exhaust manifold Vitesse, 5 speed transmission uprated heater from Clayton Classics

A key concept is the amalgamation of the 1950cc 'B' series engine with Webcon's Alpha fuel injection. The result is a car that starts on the first turn of the key and provides significantly more torque, for an easy town and country drive.

Why the MGB is the easiest British Classic Car to own


There is a very healthy market for MGs, particularly the MGB Roadster and the Midget. These classics remain a very popular choice for enthusiasts, mainly due to the availability of spare parts, from bearings to body panels, or even a complete bodyshell.

This availability also helps keeps the prices down and you can choose from our reliable worldwide network of Heritage Approved Specialists.

And, in case you missed your opportunity to see our roadster at Goodwood, make sure you swing by the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham this November, for a classic car delight for the senses. The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, taking place between the ninth and eleventh of November, is the world’s biggest gathering of classic vehicle clubs. Besides our pride-and-joy MG, you will also get the opportunity to see our Mini Cooper S, which a mere two years ago was a bare body shell and today is a roadworthy vehicle. A truly remarkable transformation!

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