Product Feature: Tex Classic Car Vintage Mirrors

By Bojan Lipovic - October 19, 2018

Getting the right wing mirrors for your classic car is not something all owners need to worry about. Cars hailing from the 1940s or earlier only needed a central rear-view mirror and those pre-1960 were offered a passenger side mirror as an optional extra.

Yet this tells us that they are an important historical feature on a classic car and if you have to replace your wing mirrors, you want to make sure they fit with the rest of the design.

Enter Tex Automotive – manufacturers of classic car motor accessories since 1947.

Tex mirror heads – a reflection of the high quality

For over seven decades, Tex Automotive has been a household name for classic car parts. Besides supplying the UK’s top automobile brands, such as Rover, MG, Jaguar and Triumph with original equipment, parts and accessories, Tex is renewed for the quality and durability of its classic replica components.

But don’t take our word for it. A long-standing client, C.W. from Wales, said:

"I am the proud owner of a 1966 Australian Chrysler Valliant Station Wagon, virtually from new. It was fitted from import in 1968 with a pair of Tex M16023 mirrors. It is a testimony to the quality of their goods, that the mirrors are still in excellent condition, after 50 years!”

So, besides their obvious durability, what makes Tex mirrors our choice for your classic car?

To start off with, sporting a durable build and a stainless-steel mirror back, the Tex range is true to vintage British motoring style of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Tex mirrors are also easy to fit and require minimal assembly.

The mirrors incorporate a spring-back design and feature left and right-hand fitting. And Motoring Classics stocks a wide range of plinth kits to aid in the assembly and fixing of your Tex vintage car mirror, to make sure you get the positioning spot on.

Choosing high-quality exterior mirrors for your vintage car

There is always going to be a point where a classic car owner is faced with the choice of preserving or restoring an original part or buying a replacement.

Preservation indicates that the part is already in good condition. If restoration is needed, how much? At a certain point of decay, replacement is the only option. And when it happens, the replacement should appear as authentic as possible. If it doesn’t, not only will your car look odd, but it could dent its overall value.

Wing mirrors are not only required to look right on classic cars, they have to stand up to road safety requirements of today. Classic mirrors were usually flat, but this meant dangerous blind spots – and there were certainly no heated versions that could demist at the flick of a switch on cold mornings.

Today, you can buy classic looking mirrors that offer all the safety aspects of modern mirrors – and it’s all down to the shape of the glass. A convex mirror focuses on the source of the light falling onto it, offering a wide viewing area, helping to reduce blind spots.

Alternatively, a concave mirror, with its reflecting surface, bends inwards and away from the light source. These mirrors direct all the light that lands on them towards a single focal point, generating a reflective image of an object, which is larger than its original size.

Original equipment vs replica piece side mirror parts

The truth is that today, there are many options for classic car parts that are superior to original parts in terms of performance, rust inhibition and durability.

For many, however, the first choice would always be to get an original piece. But as time marches on, finding original parts is going to only get trickier and the best pieces, whether sourced through classic car dealerships or scrapyards, are going to get more expensive.

The alternative is to find a trusted supplier of parts made from new materials but using traditional methods where possible. Then you get a modern classic, made by craftsmen that looks identical to the original classic car piece but that will last longer. From our years of experience, and our ongoing search for the best quality vs price combination, we’ve come across numerous car part brands. Some, like Tex Automotive, stand out.

Ultimately, how you equip your classic car boils down to personal preferences. Keeping it as close to its original format as possible is usually the desire of any classic car fan. In our range of Tex side view mirrors, you are guaranteed industry-benchmarked, reliable, classic car accessories, that are indistinguishable from the original.

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