The BEST Driving Roads in the UK

By Bojan Lipovic - July 12, 2018

Ever since the Roman times, Britannia has been blessed with hardy and picturesque thoroughfares traversing her full length and breadth.  Some of these, like the famous Via Fossa (Fosse Way) between Exeter and Lincoln, have stood the test of time over the millennia.  And, even though the old adage of all roads leading to Rome is not that applicable anymore, UK’s extensive route network can still provide for some unforgettable driving experiences in your four-wheeler.      

Top five picks

We’ve scoured far and wide and picked a few paths of driving pleasure that we believe should be added to your automotive trekking gamut.

The Evo Triangle 


Dubbed as the holy trinity of British vistas, this troika of road spectacularity is a true delight for the visual senses.  The triangular route descends through the northern Welsh moorlands, via Pentrefoeals and past the mighty Llyn Brenig water accumulation, covering some of the most notable scenery of upper Wales.  But, be wary of the occasional beast of burden taking its daily countryside stroll.  As the number of vehicles continues to spike in this farming region, the sight of collisions between cars and cattle has become a regular occurrence.  



They say dynamite comes in small packages, and this road definitely corresponds to that analogy.  Passing through the historic village of Cheddar and the vicinity of UK’s largest chasm, the Cheddar Gorge, the road itself is only 14 miles long.  But, for whatever it lacks in length, it sure as eggs makes up in oomph. 

In a David vs Goliath fight, this road is a definite sling swinger, guaranteeing some blood pumping sensations.  However, keep a lookout for the occasional tourist or few, who come in their drones to view the adjacent speleological wonders.         



Rolling your wheels over the Antonine wall usually means mile after mile of breathtaking scenery, and this 140 mile stretch definitely lives up to that expectation.  Forget about everything being bigger in Texas.  Embark on this drive and skim past UK’s largest lake, Loch Lomond, highest mountain, Ben Nevis, and the endless vastness of the Scottish Highlands, for a true feeling of freedom and limitlessness.  As a cherry on the top, end off your tour at the legend-steeped Loch Ness, and a possible sighting of Nessie waiting for you at the finish line.    



Although this tapered road seems to crisscross all the way to the end of the world, while simultaneously delving back in time, it nonetheless promises to reveal a number of quaint sights to behold.  For one, the sleepy town of St Just marks the westernmost inhabited spot in England.  The road here is fairly tight and full attention at the helm is required, although the bountiful scenery offers brief timeouts for your weary road-affixed eyes.  And, after you overcome all the hairpin hurdles, the delightful Penzance is in vicinity for a well-deserved pint.



On the other end of England’s “foot” lies quite a remarkable rollercoaster ride through the Kentish countryside.  Although only being 10 miles long, the route is jampacked with places of historical significance.  To top off the list, two medieval castles straddle the route – the impregnable Dover Castle and the bastion fortified Walmer Castle.  And if that’s not enough soldierly history for one day, the road passes by the apparent spot where Julius Caesar disembarked from his ship.  The way is also littered with S-bends, dramatic elevations and scenic pockets, making it a perfect weekend afternoon drive with family and friends.

Arrive alive

Being presented with such an abundance of scenic vistas across the land, is a great motivator for any car enthusiast to take to the roads.  Although road safety always comes first, enjoying these drives while soaking up the scenery is what it’s all about.  So, buckle up, hit the road and enjoy the breathtaking sights and sounds that you encounter across our beautiful land.

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