Turn a different corner with your Mountney steering wheel

By Bojan Lipovic - November 09, 2018

Has your old steering wheel come full circle? Is it time for a new take on this vital, central feature of your classic? With new products available in Mountney’s traditional and classic ranges, you can give your classic car a crisp new feel while remaining true to design and form.

Who is Mountney?

Based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, and with nearly three decades of top-class car part manufacture under its belt, Mountney holds top pedigree for a wide variety of accessory-related enhancements that your vehicle might require. The company manufactures four of their own brands, of which the Mountney Classic range focuses on steering wheels, as well as other interior, exterior and clothing accessories.

Why Mountney range of steering wheels?

Mountney steering wheels come in various shapes and sizes, all grouped together according to the type of vehicle they best fit: sports, traditional or classic.

Besides their exceptional aesthetic qualities, all Mountney steering-wheels conform to the highest necessary standards (e.g. BSI TUV and ISO, where applicable). This is coupled with rigorous quality control procedures for all Mountney products that come off the production line.

Why and when should I consider replacing my classic car steering wheel?

Although not part of a usual servicing package associated with regular vehicle maintenance, an occasional upgrade of the steering wheel can have numerous benefits. Here are some indicators when a steering wheel change would be justified:

Wear and tear

If your existing steering wheel has become faded, cracked or scratched, it’s time to consider a refresh. Breaking your dependence on your worn-out steering companion can lead to the beginning of a more rewarding relationship with a new one.

The feel of new

New is always more pleasant to touch. Many moons ago, artisans of motor manufacture realised that wood, polished metal and leather made the best and most satisfying steering wheels. To this day, Mountney has kept to this tradition, producing steering wheels that are as satisfying to the eye as they are to the hand.

Boosting the value

Maintaining the aesthetical appeal of your classic will also help add a few bucks to its value. The steering wheel is any driver’s main point of contact with a car: they spend most of their time looking at it and holding it. Get this critical feature right and it can actually influence a sale down the road.

Overall aesthetics

New steering wheels exude an enviable level of fit and finish. Don’t allow your vehicle to resemble a haphazardly-assembled “frankencar”. Always use the best quality add-ons that correspond with your vehicle’s look and feel.

Steering wheel types for classic cars

When it comes to steering wheel formats, there are two main categories that you should consider, before proceeding with your purchase. Universal-fit steering wheels are like skeleton keys of the car world. Each one of these can fit onto a wide range of other automobiles, which gives them a high level of flexibility and versatility.

Alternatively, there are vehicle-specific steering wheels, that are made to fit a car that corresponds to a specific year, make and model. The question that you might have is which category would best suit your classic car. For older classic vehicles, the majority of which do not have airbags, both universal-fit and vehicle-specific steering wheels would work fine, due to the non-complexity of the changing procedure.

How to protect and extend the life of your steering wheel

The UV rays of the sun are not just damaging to your skin. Continuous exposure to the solar rays is the biggest enemy of your steering wheel. One way to cancel out the effects of the UV exposure is to use a steering wheel cover. A cover keeps your steering wheel shielded and cool during those times when your vehicle is parked in the open.

Quick guide to changing a steering wheel yourself

Changing a steering wheel is not rocket science, although some important steps need to be considered. Here’s our quick guide to help you upgrade your steering wheel:

  1. Get your toolbox ready, including a general socket set, a screwdriver, and a steering wheel puller, that can be obtained at any car parts store
  2. Detach the horn, by ejecting the cover button and unscrewing the horn plate
  3. Unscrew the actual wheel and remove it
  4. Make use of the steering wheel puller to dislodge the adapter plate
  5. Install the new adapter plate onto the steering wheel column
  6. Screw the new steering wheel into the adapter plate
  7. Place the horn plate over the wheel and screw it in
  8. Pop the horn button on

Ready to shop?

To get your hands on a beautiful new steering wheel, that embraces classic design and the best modern materials, visit our website and pick the one that’s right for your car. Happy shopping!

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